Elle & Vire Excellence Whipping Cream 35% fat 1 Litre


Elle & Vire Excellence Whipping Cream (35% fat) ensures consistent, stable results throughout the year.

Born from a 70 years old Norman dairy savoir-faire, this cream is for use both in cooking and pastry making. Quick to thicken with great hold (no collapsing or seeping), the Excellence whipping Cream (35% fat) has an excellent whipping rate throughout the year (2.7 L on average) and is particularly good at bringing out different flavours, making it an indispensable ingredient for all of your dishes.

*Note for Chilled/Frozen product:
We cannot guarantee its quality when it reaches you and there’s no exchange or refund.

To minimize the risk of melting & maintain freshness of product, we recommend you to add the ice box in your cart as below Ice Box – Malaysia Baking Supplies

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