Callebaut ChocRocks™ Dark Chocolate 47.8%


100% dark chocolate for baking and decoration.
ChocRocks™ – Dark look like tiny rocky stones with a rugged, uneven look and have a rich and intense chocolate taste. They’re great for sprinkling onto frothy or cream-topped drinks and slowly melt away – adding some chunky chocolate texture with a lovely bite.
They’re also perfect for topping desserts and pastries to create a more robust and raw presentation. Or mix them in ice cream or chocolate mousse to add a chunky chocolate bite.
What’s more, ChocRocks contain less cocoa butter and easily resist oven temperatures to 200°C. You can mix them into the dough of muffins, brownies and rolls. Or you can sprinkle some on top just before the end of the baking time and leave them to bake along for just a few minutes to prevent them from melting away completely.

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Small-sized, irregular dark chocolate bits with brute looks for baking and decoration.

Chocolate type:
How to use:

Sprinkle on top of drinks, desserts and pastries.

Main features:

Crafted in Belgian dark chocolate.

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200G, 2.5KG


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